Differences between Free and Paid accounts

Differences between Free and Paid accounts.

Site updates : what does this mean? 1x for free or 10x for paid accounts?
Privacy : what is this and how does it affect me?


I am considering trying this out, since Google Reader is going away.

Here is my interpretation of some of the differences.

When i share my Google Reader stuff, sometimes I share PUBLIC meaning ANYONE on the Internet who can work a Search Engine, or who is following me, is going to see it. Sometimes I share PRIVATE meaning it is limited only to selected individuals I am sharing it with. i suspect the Free version does not support private limited sharing, unless I am doing it into an e-mail to selected buddies.

I am going to have to count my GR feeds. If they are over 64 and if I want all of them here, then I need to get the Paid version, or select a competitor for all or some of my stuff, because the Free version has a ceiling on how many feeds.

Where Google seems to have the bandwidth to grab everything on the Internet, many competitors take longer to get what might be out there. This product prioritizes what to get, based on popularity (# subscribers for something … so it is not a good fit for people with odd-ball interests) and other criteria, where paid gives us a bit more.

One of my GR feeds sometimes gets 20+ posts a day. With free this, I would only see 10 posts, but with paid, I would see all, provided it is popular with other people here.

I do not yet know what 1 or 10x mean.

I’m not quite sure, honestly. I know the limit was reduced to 12 for free plans temporarily, though.

It’s a 180 sec refresh time on the free account, but a 60 second refresh time on the paid account (from what I can see). Not sure where the 1x or 10x come from on that page.