Difference between free and premium accounts?

Could you please elaborate on the differences between free and premium accounts? I see that with premium the number of sites is unlimited and they update much more frequently, but are there other benefits? I’ve been using the free account and like many things about NewsBlur, but I haven’t found a way to “tag” or “archive” an individual post from a feed. Are these options with a premium account? Thanks! Diana

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The other difference is that you can read the River of News (clicking on a folder to read stories from multiple sites at once). You would also be supporting an indie development, keeping NewsBlur alive (these servers aren’t cheap), and giving me more external motivation.

As for archiving stories, you can right-click on the story title and save the story. Does that work? I am also building in social features as we speak, although they will be available to everybody with no restrictions. Going premium does motivate me quite a bit, though. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for this information! Somehow I’d missed the right-click save option, and it’s exactly what I wanted. I’ll be going premium soon, too. Supporting indie development is good!