Did anyone else's DeviantArt feeds just explode?

Almost all of my deviantart feeds - and I have quite a few - are suddenly showing either 10, or dozens/hundreds of unread items.

According to the header, I now have 5900 unread items.

edit: it looks like it’s including items that aren’t by those deviantart users, I guess DeviantArt must have changed the way they calculate items in RSS feeds?

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I have the same issue on Feedly… I have thousands of unread articles not linked to the artists I follow. What happened ?

…and it’s continuing to grow up !!!

Yup, I keep getting new stuff in all my DeviantArt feeds. Thousands and thousands of entries.

Good thing they’re in folders so I can just mark them read. But they still keep coming.

EDIT: Not sure if deviantart has fixed the issue; now I see the correct posts in all feeds (old and new format). If that’s the case, there is no need to change anything. But I would advise to update the feed URLs to the new format (see bellow) in case the old format breaks again.

Disclaimer: I’m not sure what this forum is about. I just found the post looking for solutions to that problem. I also posted about it at reddit where someone found the problem.

Copy-pasting from there:

The old (WRONG) format for deviantart RSS feed was:


The new one (documentation here) that WORKS:


This is the regex I’m using to replace the RSS feeds (it could not work for all feeds, I just made a few tests) :



Replace with (using \2 for the param, you may need to change it to $2 depending on where you use it):


Thank you, that’s wonderfully helpful! Do you use the API to fix them? I have … probably hundreds of feeds, and I don’t want to export-and-import all of my feeds, since that would reset read/unread stuff.

Sorry, as I said: “I’m not sure what this forum is about. I just found the post looking for solutions to that problem.”

I asume Newsblur is a RSS reader, but I have never used it.

Oh, derp - sorry. Newsblur is a good feed reader, but I am apparently not a good post reader! :stuck_out_tongue: