Development Experience Suggestion

I was contemplating if I could easily send a PR or two towards the NewsBlur repository on GitHub and the install directions seem fairly well detailed, but also extremely daunting to just setting up a “hackable” development environment. Have you considered maybe doing something like setting up a clonable Ubuntu VM image that could help bootstrap development environments?

It would almost be great too if somehow there was an easy way to build a version of the main web interface that was truly “client-like” and let you hack on the main web templates but target the production API like you might if you were working on any other client. I realize from glancing at the repository it would probably be a fairly big refactor/rewrite, but maybe something to keep in the back of your head should the time come for the next major NewsBlur rewrite to consider making the website itself an API client.

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Well, it wouldn’t be too difficult to setup a working environment in a VM and then distributing that. Any ideas on preferred distribution channels or VMs?

Why complete distro instead of eg. Vagrant?

Well that’s quite a bit more work. I suppose I could learn vagrant, but I have to assume this won’t be an easy task.

Anybody have an example of another project that uses Vagrant to achieve this sort of multi-db setup?

Just take a template, such a