dev.newsblur: Keyboard shortcut "n" not working in blurblogs

On dev.newsblur, the keyboard shortcut “n” for going to the next unread item doesn’t work on blurblogs (not in preview, not after I pressed follow). “j” and “k” work.

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I have no idea why this is praise, but it should be now, cause this is now fixed! I made ‘n’, ‘shift+j’, and ‘shift+k’ all work correctly with blurblogs. Thanks for letting me know. Just FYI, this was in the pile of last bug fixes left before I feel social is ready for prime-time. Just a few more improvements and it’ll be ready for everybody.

Send me even the tiniest broken detail. It’s time to fix them!

Thanks. Sorry about the “located in praise” thing. I may have selected the wrong topic by mistake…

Another one: the “n” keyboard shortcut doesn’t work in blurblogs previews. I don’t really know if it’s relevant as the preview stories will not retain their read status. But I would find it useful if “n” would work also in previews just because I keep pressing “n” all the time.

Wow, you’re thorough. (And thanks a million for it, too!) That’s a known bug, but unfortunately it’ll resolve in the opposite direction. Those stories aren’t supposed to be unread at all. So ‘n’ won’t work anyhow.