dev.newsblur: blurblog should be made more visible

Hi. I just found out what a “blurblog” is, but I couldn’t have discovered it if I didn’t accidentally press on “Show all sites”. I stay with the “Show only unread stories” view and blurblog doesn’t appear in this view.

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There are two issues here:

a) None of the blurblogs that you are following have unread stories. That will quickly change, so this is one of those problems that eventually resolves itself.
b) There is a subtle bug where if you follow somebody but they have no shared stories, they won’t have a blurblog. But if they share a story, they will now have a blurblog, but you won’t see it until you refresh the page. I have a potential solution that I’m planning on building this week. It’s a very high priority.

I’m not talking about other people’s blurblug. I’m talking about my user’s blurblog. I didn’t find any other place from where to get the URL of my user’s blurblog so I can post it on other sites for others (not necessarily from Newsblur) to follow and include in their RSS readers.

Ohhhh. Yeah, I’ll be honest – I’m intentionally making the URL difficult to get to until I launch. You don’t want to be giving out the url, since I’m going to be shutting down dev in a couple week’s time.

When I launch I’ll give you the ability to customize your blurblog’s url (I’m thinking subdomains –

Ok. Fair enough. I’ll just wait until the official social launch then. I haven’t started posting my blurblog link from dev.newsblur anywhere yet. I know that it will not be valid after the official production launch.

I have to figure out where to make the cut-off for launch. At some point I have to say, a feature this good will just have to wait for post-launch. I’m just trying to launch with no bugs in the features I have. At this point, I don’t see any more features going in before I launch. There are, however, a number of bugs left to root out.

An idea just came to me regarding the blurblog positioning. How about putting it under “Saved stories” and name it something like “Shared stories”. This way it will always be visible and also there will be dead-easy to access the shared stories.

I really like that idea, but I’m trying to not add any more “dark sites” at the top. As it is, the Everything view doesn’t include sites from social.

Again, I am still talking about my user’s blurblog feed (what I’m sharing). My oppinion is that my shared stories should be dead-easy to access and check at any given time (like “Saved stories”).

Other people’s blurblogs that I’m following can just as well be one of the many feeds that I’m following (maybe grouped in a special directory). After all, they’re just RSS feeds.