dev.newsblur: after sharing with Shift+S, story dialog remains open

On dev.newsblur, after sharing a story with the keyboard shortcut Shift+S->Ctrl+Enter, the story dialog remains open. I think it should close automatically.

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It … does, does it not? It’s actually set to a timer that closes it after 1 second of not hovering on it (and immediately kicks in if you scroll).

Well, the 1 second timeout doesn’t seem to work. I waited for 30 seconds and it didn’t dissapear. If I press on “n” for going to the next story, it dissapears indeed. It would also be nice if you can make it forcefully dissappear when manually pressing “Esc”.

Awesome, just pushed out a fix for this. Thanks for reporting something even as minor of a UI issue as this. Extremely helpful in getting NewsBlur’s social branch to the shipping stage.

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Works now. Thanks.