(dev) Inclusion of blurblog items in Everything view

Thanks so much for the new sharing features – I haven’t found terribly many people to share with, just yet, but this was definitely what I missed most about the old gReader. Very excited.

AFAICT blurblog stories (at least ones from Popular) are not included in my usual River of News. Is this intentional? Can it change? :slight_smile: (My usual mode of interaction with NewsBlur is to just leave the sidebar closed and go through the river; not having shared stories pop up there would mean that I was considerably less likely to use the sharing feature.)

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It’ll happen, although unlikely before I launch. Post launch, the big ticket items are folders for blurblogs, river of news for blurblogs, and post to twitter/fb.

That’s on top of the iPad app and the updated iPhone app for social. All in good time.

Awesome, thanks!