Despite Turning Off River View, "River View" With Saved Stories (And Cursor in Feed View Doesn't Follow Title Selection)

I often/periodically see a “river of news” view with “Saved Stories” although I’ve specifically indicated in preferences that I’d like to see one story at a time.

What’s particularly annoying with this view is a display bug of some sort where the view in the feed window doesn’t follow the current title selection – i.e., as I move to a new title, the story isn’t updated in the feed view panel.

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Ah-ha, you need to click a story in the story titles pane. I used to leave the Feed pane blank, but that was confusing. I guess this is more so. I do have a setting for auto-selecting the first story, which you should definitely turn on.

Well, the thing is, in this situation, when I use J or K to navigate through titles, the Feed pane doesn’t move with it.

If the auto-select preference you’re talking about is the “when opening a site, open the first story” preference, then yes, that was already selected.

About a week ago there was a regression where, even if you have auto-select-first enabled, the full river of stories still shows up when any feed first loads. The first story is still selected in the story list, but multiple stories still show in the story pane until you select a different story.

Ojiikun’s description aptly describes what I’m seeing.