Desktop settings are not reflected in the Android app

I am using the setting “Story” for some of the feeds in the desktop version of Newsblur, but this is is not reflected in the Android app, where I get just a short version of the text and not the extended version. Furthermore, I want to read the feeds from oldest to newest, but on the Android the order is reversed.



The Android app has no concept of Story view, just Feed view. You can tap on the title of the article to see the Story view in your system’s browser of choice.

Oldest-first is being worked on and should arrive pretty soon!

Many thanks for your comment. I do like NewsBlur, and I think it is a wonderful replacement for Google Reader, but tapping on the title to see the Story view is not good enough in the long run compared to the functionality of Google Reader apps like, for example, gReader Pro, Reader HD, and JustReader, where there is a setting in the apps to specify the mobilizer of one’s choice individually for different feeds. That would be comparable to selecting Original, Feed, Text, or Story view in NewsBlur separately for the various feeds. I am missing several other things also, one of them a navigation tool, for example, arrows for quickly moving between articles rather than having to scroll. I trust all this is comimg in later versions!

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Honestly, this is the only thing that keeps me from being completely satisfied with Newsblur, even with spending 24 dollars for what I used to get for free from Google Reader…the inability to sort stories on the Android app simply is unacceptable when I am reading a bunch of sites.

You can sort with the Android app now (default setting and per-feed); you just have to set this up within the app regardless of your web settings.