Deleted RSS Feed Returning

I’ve deleted a feed several times but it keeps returning. (Background: I’ve got duplicate feeds of Daring Fireball, so I want to remove them all and then re-add it). Problem keeps recurring: every time NB indicates that the feed/site has been deleted it reappears in the list. Thanks.

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This is very similar to my problem.  In fact, DF is one of my phantom affected feeds.  In iOS 3rd party clients I have my “real” DF feed plus the zombie feed which keeps getting bigger and bigger.  MacRumors is also affected like this for me.

ReadKit on my Mac isn’t affected, nor is the NewsBlur website.  However three 3rd party iOS clients ARE.  And this includes paying $4 to get Reeder to see if a brand new fresh app would be impacted. Indeed it was.

Thanks for the response. Yeah, I also have Reeder and like you, the issue happens there too. Strange indeed.

I think I may have found a fix.  My assumption is that NewsBlur’s DB for me is corrupted.

In NewsBlur’s web site, I clicked on the grey gear at the bottom left of the screen under my feed list.
I then picked “Organize Sites”, which popped up a “window”.

In organize sites I selected “FLAT” for show folders.

For my two messed up feed in question I selected “move to folder” and chose “Top Level”.

I closed the organize sites window then did it again, but this time I DELETED them.

My thinking was “Moving them might re-write the DB entries for me cleaning up whatever corruption was there, allowing a subsequent delete to succeed.”

When I went to my iPad, I saw that INDEED the bogus feeds were gone.  I then successfully added the feeds back and all has been well.

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Thanks. It looks like this solved the problem for me too :slight_smile:

Glad it helped.  I hope NewsBlur can figure out what their back end issue is.  I would hate for paying customers to get frustrated and walk away.  NewsBlur is such a great service… I NEED it to stay in business!