Deleted folder, NewsBlur thought I deleted my account

I deleted an empty folder through the website.  NewsBlur sent me an email saying, “Just in case you didn’t intend to delete that folder, here’s an OPML you can upload to restore it”, which is so awesome!

But, the OPML contained all the feeds I’m subscribed to, even though I didn’t delete everything (and even though everything wasn’t actually deleted).  Seems like deleting the empty folder caused something to think I was deleting everything.

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Yep, this is intended! It’s a backup of all of yours feeds. So if you deleted a folder, you now have a pre-deletion backup which you can then use to re-import it into NewsBlur and retrieve your folder. NewsBlur is smart enough to not duplicate on import, so if you import an OPML file that is only 1 folder different, you’ll just get the one folder back.

My misunderstanding then. Thanks!