Deleted feed keeps reappearing in third-party apps

One of the feeds that I have deleted always comes back when I read my feeds using either the Unread or Reeder iPad apps. The feed doesn’t show up in either the official NewsBlur web or iPad apps. I’ve tried a few different things—everything I could think of—but haven’t had any luck.

  • Logging out and back in to my NewsBlur account in the third-party apps
  • Deleting the feed again in Reeder
  • Deleting my account information and adding it again in both apps
  • Uninstalling Unread and reinstalling it

No matter what I do, the feed keeps reappearing. I would greatly appreciate any help anyone can provide.

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I had the same issue. The orphaned feeds didn’t show up in Newsblur but appeared in Reeder.

I was able to fix it by creating a new folder in Reeder and moving the orphaned feeds to it. They then showed up on the Newsblur web site and I was able to delete them.

Once I refreshed Reeder the orphaned feeds were removed.

Thank you, Sean! That solved it for me too.

Fantastic. Glad to help!