Delete a folder with no feeds

The only way I found to delete a folder is in left sidebar, click on a folder’s icon to open its context menu then use the “Delete This Folder” command.

But when I remove all feeds from a folder, it disappears from the left sidebar. That’s great to not waste sidebar’s space, but now I’m unable do delete that folder because it’s not available there.

Is there another place where I can command to delete a folder?

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I figured it out. In botton left area I had it selected to list only unread content. When I selected to list all, it showed empty folders and I was able to delete them.

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Glad you figured it out. There is another way that’s a little more foolproof. Use the Organizer (Manage > Organizer) and you’ll be able to delete folders easily.

I haven’t been able to figure out a way to delete a folder that contains no feeds using the “Organize Sites” view via the web interface. I’ve only been able to do it using the method describe by Hikari above.