Default browser preference in iPhone app

For full stories that open in a browser, I want to use a different browser (Safari) from my iPhone default (Firefox - which I use for everything else). My NewsBlur preference for default browser is set to Safari, but stories open in the device default, Firefox.

NewsBlur iOS v. 13.0, in iOS 17.4.1. I don’t know if the preference overrode system settings in any earlier versions, I’ve just noticed this (apparently) problem now.


That sounds like a bug! We’ll get it fixed:

Thank you Samuel! To be clear, the issue is with regular Safari, not the in-app Safari - the latter works for me (opens correctly in NewsBlur), but is not a usable option due to an unrelated issue with one of my feed’s source.

Hi, I’m the developer for the iOS app. Unfortunately this is something that can’t be fixed, as opening in a non-Safari browser requires using a special URL that they support, but Safari doesn’t support a special URL if Safari isn’t the default browser.

So your only options are to use the in-app browser (which uses the Safari rendering engine), accept using Firefox, or switch your default browser back to Safari. Sorry; I know they aren’t great options.

Thanks for looking at it, Dejal. I’ll just deal with this by temporarily switching my default to Safari when I want to view the particular feed that doesn’t cooperate in Firefox, then switch back. Fortunately my reading habits can handle that.