De-duplicate similar news items

A popular competitor has implemented this in their web interface (available even in their free version), so that I open a folder of feeds and it instantly detects all similar stories and immediately removes them from the list. You have 3 options for how this works, but it saves considerable time.

I appreciate this has been requested beforehand, however now there is someone already doing it and very successfully. It would be great if you could bring this feature to Newsblur


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I agree,I was going to make the same thread as you.

I follow 2 different websites but they are from the same company, so sometimes the same article with the same title and the same content appears in both of these websites.

I suggest to add and option to filter similar articles.I believe that a good way to do it would be.
Filter feeds with the same title
Filter feeds with the same title and url
Filter feeds with the same url

Also if you add this great option please remember to add a button to see what was filtered,so we can check if what was filtered was really just trash or if for some reason was something important.
I’m saying it because for example,these 2 websites make some “example articles” so they publish a article with a title but no/wrong content then they delete this post and publish a new article with the same title but with the correct/fixed content for example,them probably this option that filter feeds won’t know Wich article should be the one to get rid off. A button to see these filtered articles would help with it.

I talked about the inoreader system.

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