Date Filter for Feeds

It would be very useful to have a date filter in the NewsBlur apps, especially since NewsBlur stores old articles. This is typically easy to add to any database with perhaps the UI being the hardest part.

You know I feel like I built this a while ago but it never shipped. Anyway, this is a great idea. Would anybody else like to see this? Chime in here, please!

To add more to this feature request, ideally you could apply the date filter to your NewsBlur account or at least to a folder rather than having to apply it per feed. If you’re creating a date range, it’s likely you want to apply it to more than one feed. Perhaps you could decide how to apply it – account, folder, or selected feeds.

Also, this feature is important enough to be added to the API. An RSS feed is essentially the title, link, and date. It’s one of the three key components.