Dark/Night mode

Dark theme/night mode option. Light text on dark background, both for UI and content. This would be equally useful in the mobile apps, as well.

I don’t really need multiple crowdsourced selectable themes, just the ability to pick between light and dark, built right in.

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Yes, yes please.

Would appreciate an option like this as well.

Would definitely appreciate this, the new design is too bright for my eyes!

Someone made a userstyle for this, but it was designed for dev.newsblur.com and doesn’t work anymore:


If the author won’t be updating it, could someone who knows CSS tweak this to work on the main site, since the dev stuff was moved over? Thanks.

Can this thread just be closed in favor of this issue so that non-duplicate ideas further down the list can get more attention?

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Is it possible to merge the two threads?