Daring Fireball feed not updated since June 13

My subscription to Daring Fireball (http://newsblur.com/site/351403/darin…) seems stuck, with the latest entry being from June 13.

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Huh, looks like I’m following http://daringfireball.net/feeds/rss instead of http://daringfireball.net/feeds/main, which is up to date. There are 14,528 subscribers to the /main feed, but 369 to the /rss one.

I was also subscribed to the /feeds/rss feed. I had noticed a few weeks ago that my DF feed was not working so well.

Thanks for posting this, it got me to delete the old one and subscribe to the working feed.

Thanks! Helped me too.

I just fixed the feed for everybody. This is actually what prompted the database scrub I mentioned on Twitter. You should be automatically subscribed to the new feed. There is another DF feed which is just the long-form star stories. Curiously, that feed doesn’t prepend the ★ to the title like the regular feed does, so it’s hard to tell that you only have the starred feed.

Here’s the right feed: https://www.newsblur.com/site/5636682…

Looks like you moved everyone over to /feeds/rss, not /feeds/main. At least that’s what shows up in the Add Site box.