Customizable Time Range for Unread Items

This is something that I find very useful in any RSS reader. To my knowledge, Reeder is the only one that has this feature and I would love to see Newsblur roll this out for everyone (or premium users only.)

Basically what it does is to provide a way for the customer to specify what time range they want to see the items remain as unread. For me, I only want to see items published in the last 24 hours. I mainly use Newsblur at work and I don’t want to see items leftover from yesterday or from over the weekend since it’s highly likely that I’ve read the items away from Newsblur.

Could this feature be implemented? I think many will find this useful – just the thought of seeing a large number as unread strickens my heart with horror, :stuck_out_tongue:


It already exists, you just have ti invoke it manually. Just go to Manage > Mark All as Read, and choose how many days back you want to go. So you can select 1 day (24 hours) and you’ll be all set.