Customizable colors and themes?

When it comes to using any service one of the things that I most appreciate is the ability to customize colors or themes. This could be as simple as choosing a light vs dark theme or being able to edit the CSS of the website itself.

I would highly suggest that with the influx of traffic from Google Reader shutting down that NewsBlur begins implementing customization options. My main issue is that I would like to use darker colors and set up a more appealing contrast. I am not very fond of bright interfaces.


Many of us around here use custom CSS to tweak our NewsBlur UIs - @samuelclay did an excellent job of classing divs with names. I haven’t personally mucked with the background colour yet, but here’s an example of what you can do:

Be sure to apply that to, not the normal or you’ll get something awful and ugly!

Another thread where we were talking about tweaking the older UI:…

If you have any specific ideas for a theme, folk around here are pretty hacker-friendly and can probably lend a hand.

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And here is a preview of what that particular CSS does, in case anyone is curious: