customizable Alert sounds/notfications on web client

So your watching YouTube and you want to play a couple of games but an important notfication comes down the line that a cluster has gone down. You forget this has happened as you are in widescreen mode. The solution…

Customizable Alert Sounds/Notifications which can be switched off or on with different sounds. This would alert the user for example if one of there sites is facing downtime they know stright away and can go away from what they are doing.

The alerts could be found under the site’s settings panel.

Ive considered two options.

Option 1) Folders have notfications sound
Option 2) Each feed has its own notfications sound/s which the end user can pick from.
The Alerts could be simular to applications like Google Chat or Facebook as the feeds are displayed in realtime. The idea would first be running on followed by the full deployment to

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