Custom share service


I love newsblur. Really. I’d like to use it to share my items via my own bookmark manager.

In order to do that, newsblur would have to learn to be able to share a post to a custom sharing service I’d configure like this:

And voilà !

What do you think ?

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Great idea, but it’s a lot of work for a tiny payoff. Is there a service you’d like me to support that I don’t yet? Is this service public?

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No really a public service, I’m using shaarli ( ) (mine is at to store and republish interesting links using ifttt.

If you feel like accepting push request and it’s not too complicated to get running environment for newblur, I can try and implement this by myself. This will test my motivation :smiley:

Cheers Sam,

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Maybe Buffer? Useful to schedule tweets.


BufferApp would be great!

Hello Samuel,

I also use Shaarli from (great and very famous blogger in France)

I use another tool, read-it-later-like named Poche (means Pocket in french)

I would be great from you to implement these tools as sharing services in Newsblur : it would avoid to me to open links in Safari and then use bookmarklets :slight_smile:

Many thanks.