Custom RSS feed for folder on Premium

Hi Samuel,

I thank you for giving us an extra year of the folder custom feed, but we’re now back again at the same point as last year.
I deeply value the folder custom RSS feed, it was one of the reasons that made me pay for the premium version of Newsblur. However, besides the fact that it’s always “annoying” to lose features on a paid subscription plan, I simply cannot justify (nor afford) to pay nearly 3 times more just to get the folders rss feed back.
The more expensive “Premium Archive Subscription” should focus just on what its name implies - archive - which keeps all the feeds (which, personally, I have no need for, hence making it even less of a choice for me).

I do love all the work you do (even been a supporter of the Turn Touch remote), but I ask you to reconsider the custom rss for folders issue, and add it back to the regular premium plan - even if limited to just a single folder.