Custom Reordering of Folders and Feeds

Not a deal breaker, but it would be nice if we could reorder feed folders. I tend to read the feeds in my Technology folder more often than my Lifestyle folder. Of course putting a number in front of the folder name works, but I think that’s kind of inelegant. That’s the only leftover feature of Google Reader that I miss. Just my two cents.


I put serial numbers in folder names to reorder e.g. 01-News, 05-Science, 09-Books, …, 99-Miscellaneous. The numbering has gaps intentionally so that I can insert something in-between later.
Same goes for feeds in a folder.

I like this request. but as a corollary if you have “un-foldered” feeds (i have a lot because i’m an uncouth heathen) they dont even show up alpahabetized. Some kind of drag/drop re-ordering of feeds/folders would a very nice to have.

ha this was 4 years old. I didnt realize.

I should probably reply to this thread. There were some others but I’ll share what I can. I used to support drag-and-drop feed re-ordering. It was awful. You would accidentally move feeds into other folders when you wanted to open them. I could have built a special move folder dialog, but custom ordering would have required it’s own dialog as well.

The dialog would have to have a segmented control (similar to the Organizer for ordering) with orders: Alphabetical, Most Used, Date Added (this is the de facto default as that’s how it’s stored in the DB), and Custom Order. A reset button would be nice for custom ordering as well.

Anyway, here’s the ticket so now it’ll have a fighting chance of getting built.