Ctrl-click on Firefox stopped working

Until recently (I noticed this today), ctrl-click has allowed opening a story in a new background tab on Firefox. This has stopped working. Instead, ctrl-click now behaves the same as regular click: opens the story in a new tab and switches to that tab.

Middle-click, and “Open in new tab” in the native context menu still open the story in a new background tab, so I think this must be the Newsblur website stealing the ctrl-click, and doing its own thing to open the new tab and the story in it. This is very inconvenient, since both middle-click and opening the link through context menu are cumbersome on a laptop.

This is also bugging me greatly, it’s half the reason I created a forum account. I’m not really sure what the forum etiquette on boosting old posts is but I’m hoping this isn’t a contravention

Boosting old posts is exactly what I want to see. As for this issue, I believe you’ll need to install a browser extension. Check Manage > Goodies on the web.

Thanks for that
You don’t need an extension but ‘Goodies on the web’ does tell you what Firefox setting you need to change

Firefox: Open links to background tab

Open a new tab, enter about:config
Search for browser.tabs.loadDivertedInBackground
Double click on 'false' to set 'Value' to 'true'
Go to NewsBlur and open a story with 'o' and see it load in the background