Credit card charged twice

My credit card was charged twice for my subscription to basic premium. My name is Greg Varner. My email is


Same here. Email address is dave [at] Thanks.

Same problem here…timhowald (at) gmail

You really need a method for dealing with this.

The problem is that some of you weren’t actually charged twice. The mistake is in the history view of the charge, which was incorrectly recording double (or even triple) charges, when in fax tonly a single charge went through. This has since been fixed, so if you check your Manage > Account payment history, it will reflect the truth of the payments.

Greg, you are now refunded for your double charge.

Dave, your’s was just a double payment history bug, since fixed.

Tim, I also refunded your double charge.

As for making some procedure for handling this, I’m just doing it one off for now. It’s an absolutely ing percentage that double charges (presumably hitting the submit button twice?) compared to the number of successful charges.

I had the double payment history bug, now resolved, though you’ll forgive me for checking the card statement.

I’m seeing some irate-ness among new users, and I’d just like to say that, given the circumstances, I’m amazed at how well you’re keeping everything together, to say nothing of the quality of the product. Thank you.