Create folders for Pocket, Instapaper, Readability accounts.

One of the features of one of your competitors, NewsWrangler, is the ability to read your Instapaper, Pocket queues from within their site/apps.

Instapaper requires a paid account (and no telling how that will end up now that it’s been acquired) but the Pocket API should allow for it to happen pretty easily.

The plus sides are:
* When you save stuff from wherever, you can view it from within NB.
* Perhaps make sharing an item as easy as drag-n-drop or ‘move to folder’.

Not sure how feasible this is technically, but just a thought!


I don’t think we really need this. NewsBlur is about feeds. Not about generally taking “stuff from wherever” and being able to read it.

Having links to save an article TO these services, sure.

Oh my gosh, yes please! I would really like this idea.

I don’t know. Sounds like a good idea at first, but where is this integration supposed to stop?

Next thing is me wanting to read NewsBlur through Instapaper and automatically post all saved stories to Pinboard. Which then are automatically added to Instapaper… and so on.

I always prefer simple dedicated tools.

Just my 2 Øre

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Pocket and Instapaper both make your reading lists available as RSS feeds (I’m not sure if Readability does or not). Wouldn’t adding that feed accomplish the same thing?

I use Newsblur and Pocket a lot, but this idea does nothing for me.

If they do, that would be just as well. I didn’t know pocket and it’s non-obvious to me looking at my homepage there. How do I make it happen?

Fortunately, I think it would be an optional feature.

Yeah, they don’t make it obvious, but if you go to Options and click on Privacy, you should see a Privacy Controls screen where feeds will be listed for your Unread, Archive, and All items lists.