Create a web page for the latest beta build of the iOS app

Every now and then in responses on GetSatisfaction you suggest to download the latest beta/build of the iOS app. This is tempting to do by those reading that thread. However I’ve also recently read a post where you said that the build was at that time broken.

Instead of providing a direct link to the app, create a web page that includes a link to the latest build available but also include some brief notes as to what state you expect this build to be in, any special function you’re looking for feedback on and most importantly when the build was generated.


I know this thread is old, but it’s something I was about to ask myself.

Is there anywhere Samuel where we can see the build number and details on it? I grabbed the beta download this morning to see how it looked on the larger iPhone 6, and while it looked better, I wasn’t really even sure if the download was a different version than what I can get through the app store.

Yeah, this is a very good point. I should have a changelog on that page with date released and changes. This release is done, so I’m submitting it to the app store later today. But the next beta I make will have a changelog.


If you decided to get fancy and throw an RSS feed out there for your mobile updates, I wouldn’t complain. It would then let me know to go manually download the newer one.

Either way, I’m happy to hear you’ll do this.

Thank you!

it’s nice to be able to try out the beta but a little frustrating not being able to conribute with feedback

If you want to contribute feedback, just start a new “idea” or “question” or (hopefully not) “problem” here on GS. Alternatively, tweet to @newsblur with anything quick. I respond to everything.