Crash when opening feed on TestFlight iPad beta

Hi Samuel: Since the recent updates to NB, the iOS app on my iPad is nearly unusable. Nearly every time I use it, it crashes, typically when I move from one feed to another. It crashes seemingly when I go from link to link randomly. No rhyme or reason. I’ve responded through the TestPilot app that monitors new NB builds so many times that I’ve given up even adding anything other than, I opened a thread, moved to another one and it crashed.

The web-based version is solid, and I don’t have the same issues with my iPhone. My iPad is 4 years old, and is updated frequently.

I’ve been a NB fan for a long while, and I’m not leaving, but I had enjoyed reading threads on my iPad for years until this recent update. What do you need from me to help you get to the bottom of the problem?



Hey Wayne, I must admit that I’m using the latest beta and don’t have any issues. Can you record a video on your ipad of this happening? I wonder if it’s a particular feed or if it can be reproduced on demand.

I’ve also been experiencing random crashes on the beta for at least the last few versions. I’ve reported nearly every crash through the crash dialog that comes up after the crash along with what I was doing when it happens. I haven’t come up with what causes it. Does tend to happen when feeds are refreshing but doesn’t seem to be any feed in particular. Catching a video of it would be difficult as it only happens about 1 or 2 times a day.

Hi Samuel: These random crashes still happen nearly every time I open the app on my iPad. I don’t have these issues on the web or on my iPhone. It’s very rare that I can go into the iPad app and NOT crash multiple times.

We’re combing through the crash logs over the next couple weeks and trying to identify and fix everything we’ve seen. I noticed some crashes in here that could be fixed soon, so hold tight for the next TestFlight release. I’m pushing to get this done in the next month so it can get shipped, since it’s a huge rewrite and deserves to be out there.