Crash on Mark All Read

In the just released update, if you mark all read in a feed, and have set your preferences to “Open the next site/folder” the app crashes.


Yeah there’s something still broken about it. I’ll get it fixed asap.

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My app goes into a infinite loop until I close it. Mark as read bug Link provided shows a screen capture of it.

Here’s the ticket: iOS: Marking a feed as read takes you to the wrong feed · Issue #1747 · samuelclay/NewsBlur · GitHub

David is having some trouble reproducing the issue, so hopefully your video helps.

I saw that the github ticket was closed. The issue is not fixed. Please see new video of what the app is doing.Mark as Read bug v2

After clicking the checkmark, I clicked the top option “Mark everything as read” And the app went directly back into that infinite loop until I closed it. I do not have a way to easily and fairly test the other menu options below "mark everything as read.

Here’s a video of the crash I am seeing. Hopefully it helps.

Yeah it still crashes for me as well. We’ll get it fixed asap.

Is it okay if I post directly in the open Github Ticket instead of posting in the forums?

Of course, more info helps there.

I am on an iPhone 14 pro (not max)

App version 12.0.3

iOS 16.1.1

When I hit the mark all as read button in a feed the app crashes.

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In my settings under after mark as read read it says “open the next site/folder”

Switching this to “stay in feeds list” seems to resolve it.

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Crashes for me still on 12.0.3. Been crashing ever since the major new version.

Samuel, any idea when the fix will be release? I have the same issue, every time I click mark all as read, the iOS app crashes.

I submitted a fix this morning and it will hopefully be approved within 24 hours.

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Thank you, very much appreciated!

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I updated this morning and things seem to be back to working as designed. Thanks for the speedy fix.

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Working perfectly as of this mornings update. Even a few bugs I didn’t were bugs have been ironed out.

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