Crash on iPad when resuming from background

I adore Newsblur, both on the web and on my iOS device. However, the iPad version has a consistent crash for me. When I’ve been using Newsblur and have it on the story read view, and I switch to another app, when I return to Newsblur and try to exit the story view to return to the all feed view, it always crashes.

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Replicated it again. Left a story view open, switched out. Came back later, clicked the “< Back” button in side panel navigation controller, and crash.

Yeah, I have found a cause for the crash but I’m working on a pretty big rewrite of navigation in the iOS app. It should hopefully fix it, but we’ll have to see.

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I figured it was pretty conspicuous. Fortunately, Newsblur launches so fast, it’s only been a minor nuisance. Looking forward to the update, and thanks for all the fine work.