Crash on App Start (login force close) - Android

Did something change in Newsblur which breaks functionality in older Android devices?

Device - Samsung S2 Tablet (Android 7.0) - I know…ancient…no longer has software updates but refuse to give it up); Google Play Services 24.07.13

For about a month or so now, every time I try open Newsblur after clicking login, it just closes.
I’ve tried a new fresh account, restarting tablet, uninstalling/reinstalling latest release, wipe cache partition, etc. Nothing is working and am beginning to assume something changed w/ Newsblur that simply breaks it working on older devices.

I’d really like to stay w/ Newsblur.

The same account will work on a newer Samsung device, browser, etc.

I asked a follow up question about your experience in another thread. Can't log in since Sunday, 2/25/24 - #25 by andrei

Let me know what you’re seeing and I can dig further