Copy the target link

In the context menu, you could add a Copy Target Link. This way, we could share our stuff in other ways while waiting for more social features. For example, on Google+ or Read it Later or in a web version of Seesmic that I’m running in another tab. Right now, I see the link but if I right click, it open the menu instead of the regular context menu.

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You can currently get a link by drag-and-dropping the item into notepad or something. It’s the only way I found. At least, there’s a way.

You can also command+click it to open in a new window. From there you could get the URL. But a raw URL field might be nice.

My main problem is at work since it might be blocked. Therefore I can’t click on it. Yet, since I’ve read the article, I could still send it to a friend via Google Talk or add it to a quick post on Google+. It’s the little things I guess. A way to get the raw url would be useful. I used to do it ALL the time in Google Reader.