cookie expired message requiring reload over and over and over

Hi–since my renewal I am getting constant error message that I must reload newsblur bc the cookie has expired. It’s constant and makes it very difficult to use the reader. Help! 


That’s odd, I fixed this issue about a month ago. Do you have any browser extensions installed? Can you show me a full browser screenshot of it happening?

Also, when you say constant, about how often does it occur?

About every minute. It seems to only happen in Chrome because the error did not happen when I used Safari. I haven’t installed any new browser extensions recently.

Ok, I have no idea what’s causing it but I did just push out an update that no longer shows that dialog. If you find there are other funky issues starting to happen, *please* let me know! Make sure to reload the page to get that latest code.

this seems to have done the trick, thank you!