Control storage limit in Android App

It would be good to limit the amount of storage the app takes up in Android. The app has a tendency to take up more gigs than I would like. At least delete older content to store newer content. I love the download option for my underground commute. I would like to cap ewsblur to 2GB on my already crowded phone.


Is your system actually showing the app using 2GB of Data storage, or is that figure including Cache?  Unless you’ve uncovered a bug, all but a few MB should be marked as Cache, which the system will automagically clean up if you start runnning low on storage.  Definitely let us know if it is showing that much Data usage outside of Cache.

If your device isn’t correctly handling automatic cache reduction upon low storage, we could potentially add an option to more aggressively do our own cleanup (we currently delete our cached data very lazily to avoid re-downloading data as much as possible).

It’s in the cache but I find myself clearing it manually due to the low storage notifications on my phone (and the anxiety it causes me).

Yikes.  That isn’t how cache is supposed to work at all!  I’ll look into giving the Android app some simple configurability around how long it keeps cached images, which should grealy influence cache usage.

Happy to report that the Android app now offers a preference that will give you a degree of control over how long things are cached.  The defaults are all the same, but you’ll be able to tune down storage use if that is more important than absolute bandwidth savings.  Look out for a new version in a few weeks (or sooner, if you use the Beta).