Continue reading w/o clicking 'all site stories' if new stories appeared while reading

Often while I’m reading new stories will appear. When I get to the last story at the time I started reading (I think?), there are stories under all site stories that I can’t navigate to without clicking on all site stories again. It’d be nice to just be able to continue reading stories that have appeared since I started reading by advancing to the next story as usual (I use down arrow).

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Not quite what you’re looking for, but you can press the r key to refresh the view you’re in. This still means that it will be refreshing the all stories view rather than just adding the new stuff to the end, but at least you can do it from your keyboard rather than with the mouse.

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Thanks! I was not aware of ‘r’ to refresh. That is a great improvement for me, I guess 90% of what adding new stuff to the end would get me. I’m just sad that I wasn’t aware til now!

No prob, glad I could help :slight_smile:

Apart from the ‘r’ shortcut key, I actually have code that used to insert new stories at the top of the list. But the problem is that it was jarring to have your story move down the list without notice. Instead I just up the unread count, so if you get to the bottom and still see an unread count you know to reload the feed.

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Thanks for the explanation. I’m not sure adding to top of the list would help anyway, I’d still reach the end of the list with unread stories, IIUC. ‘r’ is good enough for me, now. I just feel sorry for my past self and everyone who doesn’t know about it now. :slight_smile: