Continually unread items from Gizmodo

These two items from Gizmodo keep on appearing as unread in my feeds. At first I thought they were just being updated but after a while I’ve realized they just continually reappear as unread. Is this an issue with their feed or a bug in newsblur?


Awesome, let me see. What’s your username? And is the story still unread if you hit the ‘r’ keyboard shortcut? (It just reloads the feed.)

They don’t appear in the feed immediately if you read them and press ‘r’, they show in the feed again in a few minutes though.

Interestingly, the “Gopro hero” post is now completely gone and only the “tip box” item continues to be unread. This makes me think something in their feed is weird.

My username is ‘nickoneill’

Same thing is happening for me with this post from the verge now! The verge is in a different folder than the gizmodo feed.

This has happened to me a couple of times with The Stranger Slog feed. The first one stuck for a few days, the second time I think it was over a week. Right now there’s a phantom post doing the same thing - nothing to see, but the unread count never goes below 1 (r doesn’t make it go away).

I assume I’ve only seen it with that feed because my others aren’t anywhere near as busy.