Content preview in Android App

If you’re going to make a change and significantly reduce the number of articles people can see on screen at one time, you need to provide a switch to turn it off.

Content preview is annoying in the desktop version, with the limited real estate available on a phone it’s just ridiculous.

There are already 1-Star reviews being posted, before i add to them, when will this “enhancement” be able to be turned off?


I think it’s pretty good! Since I usually only read 1 in every 10 items it gives a super quick overview so I don’t have to sift through every item.

But I guess a toggle wouldn’t hurt.

same here: I like the new preview
but I agree that an option would be a good thing.

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Different Strokes for different folks I guess. I just looked at my phone and I have 177 new stories, and I can see 4 of them on the first page. For quickly scanning a lot of feeds, the preview is just wasted space (for me).

Add a switch so that I can turn it off and I’ll be a happy bunny. Force a change that’s an answer to a problem I didn’t have and that reduces the tools usefulness and I’ll complain. I don’t know if it will do any good, but it will make me feel better and give me pause to think when my renewal comes around.

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So you like that we support the idea to get an option and give this request more weight by taking the time to reply?

Absolutely :slight_smile:

On the plus side, the new version does seem to have cured a weird issue I would see where the App would open the wrong story. Click on Story A, and the browser would open with Story B, go back and repeat and you’d get Story A. Hopefully that stays fixed.

What device do you have? I’m just curious.

Nexus 5. It’s no Samsung Note, but it’s not a particularly small screen either.

I very much like being able to scan through the titles in a feed on my (Moto X) Android phone, and the previews inserted along with those now is very distracting.

It’s cool that some other people like the previews, but an option to turn off those previews will be an important part of Newsblur continuing as an app I enjoy frequently using and may be key in my decision about whether to continue paying for the premium account.

Eager to see this change implemented ASAP, so I can go back to loving this product and urging everyone I know to use it.

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Samuel has said that he’s not a fan of settings in the Android app…which–in my opinion–sounds like something an iOS user would say. Android users are used to having settings. Now obviously there’s a line to be drawn, but content preview like this would be a pretty standard setting in almost any Android app.

I’m still not a fan of settings in mobile apps, but that ship has sailed a while ago. Both apps have preference screens and I intend to put content previews in as a setting. Why it isn’t there is surprising to me too, as I thought we shipped with it. I’ll get it in soon.


Thank you.

Update installed and Content Preview disabled. I’m a happy bunny.

As it turns out the other bug I mentioned with random stories opening is still there, but really hard to reproduce predictably.

Got the update as well. Great!