Consistent problems with tumblr and livejournal feeds

Tumblr and Livejournal are two of the biggest sources of feeds for me. And BOTH have consistent problems. I do not care if those feeds validate or not, or whatever - they’ve been working for me in Google Reader for years now, I’m not going to let them go because of anyone’s notions on RSS. Will you fix this please!


Shoot me a list of NewsBlur urls of the feeds and I’d be happy to figure out what’s going on. I follow a few dozen Tumblr feeds and they all work great, except when Tumblr goes down. In that case, NewsBlur checks broken feeds every day, in case they spring back to life.

I have some Livejournal feeds that break constantly.………

Several other sites on my list tend to break too, all of them LJ. Always with 505s and 401s. Whanging the “reparse” button a few times fixes them temporarily, but it’s annoying.

The dragoncon feed breaks pretty regularly for me:…

I just checked the stats and it had timed out each day up to the 13th and hadn’t been polled since then. I just manually forced the update, and it seems fine again.

Oh sorry, you asked for the Newsblur url……

Looks like they’re timing out. Not much I can do in this case if the site itself takes over 20 seconds to return the feed. Alternatively, they could just be published waaaay too many stories in the RSS feed and it’s overwhelming NewsBlur’s crawlers, in which case it also times out.