Connect to gmail to select from my contacts when emailing a story

When emailing a story from Newsblur, I have to manually paste in the recipient emails. Since most email apps auto-complete as I type their name, I rarely know/remember what the actual email address is.

It would be great if I could choose to connect Newsblur to my Gmail Contacts so that Newsblur could auto-complete contacts as I type them when emailing a story.


Click the “open in an email client” link at the bottom of that dialogue (next to the big green “Send This Story” button), and your browser should open a new window/tab with a pre-filled Gmail compose form. (Note you will have to ensure your browser is configured to handle mailto links with Gmail.)

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I had considered this as a possible solution, but it’s not ideal on my work computer where I need to keep Outlook as the default for links. It probably would be feasible to just have that setting in my main browser, but I always like the idea of the most integrated solution (i.e. my suggestion). :slight_smile: