Congrats and small niggles

Love Newsblur, at first I didn’t see it’s value over greader but using it allows me to access everything quicker and easier. I would like a simpler “mark all as read” - probably a button somewhere to clear a folder quickly, and you don’t need to be told there is no search (or is there?)
Finally i was confused that my google feeds weren’t reflecting that they were read. Good to advise users that that is the case.
Keep it up - I worry a bit that there are so few of us to keep you going!

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Hi there,

Shift-a marks all posts in a feed as read. No clue about search, I’ve never needed it, I guess there is none.

I have a big launch coming up early next week, and that should serve to reinvigorate growth. And then plenty of new features coming down the immediate pipeline. I’ve been quiet for the past 4 months in preparation for a ton of big things launching one after the other.

Thanks Samuel, I look forward to useful and stable changes. Must say that I continue to very much enjoy using NewsBlur - I have it pinned as an app tab, I’ve dropped my Google reader tab, and I’m in NewsBlur hours each day!

Don’t Like:

  1. saving an image from a feed (or story?) makes the feed jump to the top.
  2. In Feed or Story the SECOND item in the list is usually (tho not always) selected.

Like: pretty well the lot though some day I’d like to choose some fonts and colors!

If you’re finding the second item is being selected too often, just move the mouse indicator up and lock it in place. (It’s the tiny red dorito on the left side of the screen.)

Also, how are you saving an image? The feed shouldn’t jump, so I’d love to know why. What’s your browser/OS?

(btw I’m also the original poster in this thread - different logins sorry)

Firefox (actually Waterfox 64bit) 13, Win 7.
Right Click -> Save Image As
and I’ve checked - it happens in the “Feed” Tab

Ah-ha, what’s happening is that it is jumping to the top of the selected story. The reason for that is that Firefox is sending a window.resize event, which is the same as when you adjust the size of the window.

Because things may have moved, I just move you down to the top of the active story.

Some of the articles I save images from are longso while NewsBlur is great in giving me the option to access the full artivle within the one interface - it suffers the disadvantage of a lot of scrolling/clicking to find my place in the article after making a save - so much of the advantage is lost.

Any fix possible?

Whew, that was a long one, but this is finally fixed. This was happening due to trying to find the story when the window is resized.

We are now only scrolling to story on resize if it is outside of the viewport. This means checking both the top, bottom, and any part of the story is within bounds.

See the commit:…

(This is also only on dev and will be on prod within the week.)

Fantastic, was causing me grief.
I don’t now how to implement the dev version.
how do I do that?


Just head on over to

Dev is very unstable, appears not to load the feed and only loads story after long delay. So I can’yt test the page jump fix for you (or me)

Uh-oh, dev better be stable. It’s launching in about a day or two. What exactly isn’t working? There are dozens of people using dev on all sorts of browsers, so let me know which browser and OS combination you have. I need to iron out the bugs immediately.