Confusing error message when Twitter disconnected

I tried to add a Twitter feed and apparently my account was disconnected. What confused me for a bit is that the error message was a bit confusing. It read:

“Your Twitter connection isn’t setup. Go to Manage - Friends/Followers and reconnect Twitter.”

As there is nothing on my screen labelled “Manage” (I’m on Firefox/Linux), I assumed I’d find it inside of :gear: > PREFERENCES, and proceeded to be frustrated that I couldn’t find the Twitter connection settings. I’d looked right past the “FRIENDS & FOLLOWERS” item immediately above PREFERENCES.

I think the text should make it clear that the gear is Manage, and perhaps change “Friends/Followers” to “Friends & Followers” to match how it currently appears in the UI. So maybe

“Your Twitter connection isn’t setup. Go to Manage (:gear:) - Friends & Followers and reconnect Twitter.”