Confirmation of deletion slides outside the window if the distance is just right

It’s possible that a opening the when opening for a feed and selecting to delete it, the confirmation option goes outside the edge of the window, not allowing the feed to be deleted. For feeds closer the the bottom edge, the menu appears above and not below, but this logic does not seem to take into account the length of the new “Really delete” option.

As a workaround I was able to resize the window to be smaller, causing the menu to appear above the feed.


Yup, caught red-handed. That entire menu is sized using a great big hack. And that hack doesn’t actually calculate the correct height (because that would’ve taken an extra 10 minutes to do and I decided to cut a corner for no good reason). So what I ended up doing is just hard-coding what the height should be. Unfortunately, I add menu items without changing this hard-coded value.

Went ahead and fixed that. Thanks so much for pointing out something that I’ve been ignoring (and running into) for a while now.

I’m seeing this issue on the latest release of dev newsblur. May have been introduced because of new menu items?

Yup, this is the result of adding more items to the list. I just tweaked the flip-point. Thanks for letting me know. Deployed.

Here’s the commit:…

Sorry to bring this up again, it looks like this is resolved when trying to delete a folder, but still occurs when trying to delete a feed.

No apology needed. I love hearing this kind of feedback. If you don’t say anything, I may never know. Anyway, just checked and it looks fixed. As soon as I scroll a little too far, the list inverts itself and goes up. I fixed both folders and feeds, since they have individual measurements.

hmm thats a little different to what I am seeing. I have alot of feeds that got all the way to the bottom of the panel.

If i right click and click delete feed the dialog goes over the edge of my browser window (the blue line).

Im using chrome.

Ah-ha! You’re right-clicking instead of clicking on the arrow. No wonder. Fixed and deployed.