Configure NewsFlash linux app for NewsBlur

NewsFlash is a program designed to complement an already existing web-based RSS reader account. It combines all the advantages of web based services like syncing across all your devices with everything you expect from a modern desktop program: Desktop notifications, fast search and filtering, tagging, handy keyboard shortcuts and having access to all your articles as long as you like.

I have been searching all over the wide web, including the NewsFlash source code on how to log into NewsBlur from the app.

NewsFlash asks for 3 items:

  1. URL
  2. Username
  3. Password

The only part I am not sure about is the URL. Reading the NewsBlur API docs I assumed it was:

But both get the error: Failed log in:

  • Failed to log into Feed API
  • Error during API call
  • Request failed with message access denied

So looking for some guidance here, is my URL completely wrong? Do I need another URL entirely?
Yes I am a premium subscriber.

Looks like the NewsFlash app is smart about the NewsBlur API. Checking the source, we can see it already creates a right url from the server you give it: src/ · master · news-flash / newsblur_api · GitLab

let api_url: Url = self.base_uri.join("api/login").context(ApiErrorKind::Url)?;

So I’d say is enough. You should ask the developer what the errors mean. And if they need to debug it, send them to and I’d be happy to help look at their requests.

So I guess this is some other error with the NewsFlash code itself. Thanks for checking it out, I will follow up with the dev. But I am really starting to prefer the NewsBlur web UI better!