Concern about support

I’m uncomfortable without timely, basic support for issues. Can this forum match the timeliness and helpfulness of 1to1 email support?

Well, for one I’m answering this 10 minutes after you posted it. And two, I just had a newborn 2.5 weeks ago and am still getting back on my feet. I’ve posted two dozen times in various supper threads in the past week, so I have reason to believe the support here is top notch. Looking back at the past dozen threads (and nearly every thread for the past 11 years) I’m the last poster which means I’ve addressed about all I can.

As for your concern, do you have a particular thread you’re interested in?


You have nothing to worry about. Samuel has had our backs for years. Welcome to the family.


no, thanks. I’m just not code savvy, so I feel better with support, like you and tazio offered

Samuel is not always quick to reply (and other times he is super quick!) but we all have lives, I assume he does too. Samuel does seem to catch stuff that needs immediate attention and deals with it immediately, which is great! And even when it takes longer, the support is absolutely great and actually solves problems when there is one.

There isn’t a big company behind NewsBlur, and this level of support (sometimes fast, sometimes slow, but always awesome) is how it goes with passion projects. I’ve been there in my own one-man show.

Personally, I’ll take a passion project or a small company over a large company with a team that replies instantly and is completely useless.

I :heart: NewsBlur in this regard. Thanks Samuel, genuinely, you’re awesome!