Completely Unreadable Story Buttons

New interface: “Train this Story”, “Save This Story” and “Share This Story” buttons are white on light gray and as a result are utterly unreadable.


if you mouse over them, they are readable.

That’s not really a functional answer, Lauren. There shouldn’t be a natural state in which they’re illegible. Maybe slightly transparent, etc. would be acceptable UI but not completely unreadable.

I also find that where they are at the bottom right is not logical. If it is a feed item I don’t want, then I have to scroll down what can be a long article to get to the feed buttons. They are OK for short articles, but not the many long ones. I agree they should be more prominent, but also could they be along the header for the feed item, or in a hover / scrolling pop up that stays with you as you read an article?

I don’t like them either. They are illegible and were better before the recent redesign.