Comment made when sharing should show at the top of the article

When I’m sharing an article with friends I usually want to tell them what I liked about the article or call out one or two interesting sentences. With the comment at the bottom it means they don’t see that until they’ve read the full article.

It would be awesome if there were a difference between sharing comments and comments on the article. Comments made when sharing an article should go at the top, and comments made after that should go in a discussion thread on the bottom.


I think what might be a better compromise is to truncate the article similar to how it works on

That way they see your comment in less than a page scroll, and then can easily expand what may be a lengthy article. I’ll be adding this to blurblogs in the newsblur interface for the re-design.

Oh neat- I hadn’t noticed that, since I read everything inside of newsblur’s interface. Looking forward to the re-design! Thanks for the quick response!

You can try this out on