Command click no longer opens a new tab (as of 22//09/2016)

As of today command-click on a story in the list of stories does not open a new tab in the back ground. Instead I have to click on the story in the list then cmd-click the title.

This is an [annoying] regression (or maybe a feature someone wanted but I don’t :slight_smile:

I’m using Safari 10


Using “o” does not open in a new tab anymore (Safari 10). I suspect a regression due to changes in Safari, possibly in the security model. I cannot see any errors in the console that verify this (except that the websocket is closed on browsing away).

Ooh that’s a good point, I *did* update Safari last night, perhaps something has changed :-/

Yes, this changed in Safari 10.  On one of my Macs (running 10.11) I can still get it to open stories in a *foreground* tab, but on the others (10.10/10.12) it just opens them in the same tab.

I made a bit of progress on writing a Safari extension to fix this here:

but it’ll take some more work to get it to be a fully functional replacement.

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It’s definitely something to do with Safari as it still works with the browsers. But it probably has something to do with whatever event handlers put on the feed items as Safari still has the setting to open links as new tabs after on cmd+click and it works as expected elsewhere. Some odd conflict somewhere.

I tested o/v and see this behavior. Also tested Webkit to see if this is something they had already fixed in the dev release. It still shows this behavior so if this is a Safari issue it won’t be fixed imminently. 

Getting there. Extension is basically done, and Samuel is working on the appropriate changes to NewsBlur to make use of it.

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Just checking in on an update for this problem.

Nicholas Riley created an extension for Safari that fixes this problem. It seems that the Apple Extension approval process is slow, but you can download the extension directly from his GitHub page. I’ve been using it for months and it works great.

Works! Thanks.