Column Layout Setting on iPad Doesn’t Stick

The setting for number of columns doesn’t stick in the iPad app. It reverts to “2” after quitting. I prefer “3” so I have to set it each time I use the app.

Thanks, we’ll get that fixed. Here’s the ticket:

Sorry, but we can’t reproduce this. Any chance you can record a video showing it happening?

I can email you a video. Here’s how to reproduce it on the iPad:

  1. Set Column layout preference to 3. Test it to make sure it works. This means when you tap a story, you continue to see all 3 columns — feeds, stories, and the story you selected.

  2. Quit NewsBlur.

  3. Open NewsBlur. Even though Column layout is set to 3, it acts like it’s set to 2. The feeds column disappears when you view a story. You have to reset the preference for it to work again.

Thanks for the detailed repro! We’re looking into it.